artist statement


my work is an epical production, that questions quantity, quality, risk and free time.


making ephemeral situations my passion, i do use unstable fragile vanishing materials (when we do not count my painting). i like asking and engaging fragility and ability of persistence. however i strongly engage an inherent aesthetically form, my language is conceptual. along playing with visual seductiveness, i push the work with the perception of manifold layers of meaning.

my topics are build up on reflecting framed reality of my environment and contemporaneity of daily events. works are a social character in order to punctuate on priorities and gaining more free time. applying participative and performative qualities, i collect emotional energy upon with is a subject being manifested. outcome of this manipulation feels sometimes raw, it interacts with a viewer's physicality. everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural functions to question 'to must' vs. 'to need'. this associates a wish to learn from mistakes. i do not try to express prognozes of happiness, or to criticize today for getting a better tomorrow.
i perceive myself as a feminist, my work is empowering. i like to apply contradictions, that comes with a feminism. women being not simple opens a certain poetical vein, through which i personally find my female identity and some works are being self-portraits.

my work is about enjoyment now. my work is gay. is fun. is full. is about last night. is also pink. is.
my work is participative, permormative and ephemeral. 
everything like that what enjoys me.



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